Connection Magazine

The Growth of Our Business

The Connection Magazine is an independent, family-run business. It is owned and operated by me, Joanna Forshaw, with help from my family and an invaluable designer Allison Ensor. The aim of the magazine is to encourage local communities to use local businesses.

Successful since it was launched in 2005, the magazine has gone from strength to strength and is now a well-established part of the communities it serves.

In 2005 I decided that I’d had enough of the rat race, office politics and sitting in traffic at 8.45am panicking about being late for work.. again. I wanted to carry on contributing to the family coffers so I started to look for something to do at home, which enabled me to pick the children up from school, to be able to go to the school play without jumping through hoops at work to get the morning off, and to enable me to just ‘be there’. A friend was publishing a ‘little magazine’ down south and suggested that I should give it a go; I wasn’t going to be any competition for her anyway, being 100 miles away! So after some heated debates, some cogitating, and swirling of coffee I handed my notice in, bought some software and the first magazine was born.

Now, 10 years later, the magazine has changed beyond recognition. A different name, from mono card and matt paper to full colour, glossy paper, from just a couple of thousand homes to 12,500. All this has enabled The Connection to help 100’s of local business owners to grow, gain new customers and be seen in their local community. The Connection could be helping you too!

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